Timely information on crop acreage and potential yield is a vital input for corporate decisions.

Plant managers who prefer purchasing from their direct surrounding to minimize logistic costs can use crop inventory maps for improved planning.


An objective appraisal of agricultural crop production is also required by entities who are involved in new acquisitions or investing in established businesses.


Our worldwide network of experts provide you with insight into crop production details as well as readiness to inspect and report any inconsistencies.

The crop inventory service provides information such as:

  • Grown crop types
  • Planted or harvested area
  • Information about age of crops
  • Yield forecasting
  • Land suitability analysis to grow specific crops

ORCA uses a wide array of satellite imaging sensors, drones and ground-based observations.


We manage data procurement at the right time, location and quality. All data required for the inventory is collected throughout the growing season and analyzed with ORCA's own digital data processing platform.

The crop inventory is delivered as printable maps or through an interactive web-based portal.


ORCA also offers drone-based volume measurements for minerals, biomass, fertilizers and other piled commodities.

If you have questions regarding our service, please feel free to contact us here.